Dragon Squash: Castle of Spells

Protect your castle from waves of fireball-spitting dragons. Watch out during the night! As you progress in the game, you upgrade your castles. New upgrades give you more health, and also add a new animated element to the castle (like a building, a hero or an ever-useful cat). You also upgrade and gain new spells, which makes the gameplay varied and challenging. Eventually, you unlock whole new castles.

The game offers fun graphics and gameplay, suitable for kids of any age. You can compete with your friends in the leaderboards, or just enjoy mastering new castles. The game is completely free to play.


The game was created by just 2 guys who love cats and video games: Paweł Wojciechowicz and Michalis Kamburelis. We hope you like it!

Sound credits:

  • Music from action-theme-song by Ogrebane.
    License: CC0 (public domain).
  • “click” based on KDE_TypeWriter_Key_2.ogg from the Debian kdebase package (around version 3.5).
    License: GNU GPL >= 2.
  • The rest of sounds from flashkit.
    License: public domain.