Escape from the Universe

"Escape from the Universe" is an action shooter in the outer space with an incredible randomized storyline.

Featue punch

Dynamic Shooting game,
with a multitude of enemies and bosses.

Featue moon

Exciting world,
presented through many plots and side quests.

Featue robot

Science-fiction themes,
inspired by many books and movies.

Featue gun

Many game modes,
with on-foot stages, catch-the-enemy missions and more.

Featue gangster

Every story is unique,
generated and randomized by our algorithms.

Featue bar

Dreadful minimalistic graphics,
with meaningful colors.

Featue box

Free for your Android device,
integrated with Google Play Games.

Featue music

Original soundtrack,
feel the loneliness of the outer space.

Cat-astrophe Games is a new indie game studio from Wrocław (Poland). We are just two guys who love cats and creating video games:

  • Paweł Wojciechowicz (graphics, game design)
  • Michalis Kamburelis (programming, game design)

We would like to thank these incredible people for helping us:

  • Zuzanna Adamczyk (pirates design)
  • Krzysztof Kowal (music)
  • Piotr Pawlina (trailer)
  • Aleksandra Czernia (logo design)
  • Agata Bieńko (testing)

Your choices shape the Universe! After completing the last quest in every plot, you have to make a decision. These choices are collected, and they will guide the future design of the game! The statistics of the choices are shown here.

We will cherish the...
The technology...
will be public.
will be kept secret.
The weapon...
will kill.
will be destroyed.
The explosion...
will consume everyone.
will be stopped.
The blood of young people will be...
The news will be...
made public.
kept secret.
The shady creators...
are blown up.
The thieves are...
left alone.
The plans are...
When everything seems hopeless it's time to...
The traitor...
will be thrown into space.
will be spared.